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Wanna have a boyfriend like Zack Efron?

First, make sure that he is not Zack Efron himself. Because if you are eager to attract his attention, but you live in Tokyo, you only fool yourself. Zack Efron speaks English so don’t drive him crazy by gesturing things in your own language in case you have a bad command of English.

One thing to remember, when Zack Efron looks like clearing his throat, that doesn’t mean he is interested in a smalk talk about terrible public transport in Jakarta, in case you are watching his poster somewhere in Indonesia.

However, to tell you the truth, it is easy to attrack a man like Zack Efron.

Just make sure you can do it. First, get out of there and look for a volunteer. Have a friend who can act? If so, ask him a favor, urge him to be Zack Efron and create your own scene and then tickle him. If he is not ticklish, you will never ever have Zack Efron in your life. How can it be? Because his acting is not so convincing.

Does the suggestion above sound strange? Put aside all doubts in you.

Keep tickling him, night and day. The more you try the more you are obsessed to tickle your fancy. You’ll get the benefit by this even though you can never have Zack Efron in real life. Soon you can answer the question above.

“I don’t have to do such a stupid thing. But to make people happy by tickling their fancy will lead me to happiness that money can’t buy.”

If you don’t believe me, you may put on Robocop’s helmet and start contemplating. Good luck!

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