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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Is Murder Part of Human Right?

Long time ago in Tehran, Iran, in1997, a serial killer convicted of raping and killing nine girls and women was hanged from a construction crane after being publicly whipped by several of the victims' male relatives.

None of the world celebrities and public figures attended the execution, and besides,what’s that for?

"You know, the Tehran Vampire."

“The Tehran Vampire?”

“He confessed on television to the kidnap, rape and murder of nine girls and women aged 10 to 47, including a mother and her daughter.”

This conversation belongs to none of the world celebrities and public figures.

Today in Hollywood, a serial killer convicted of raping and killing nine or more girls and women is put into prison to have life imprisonment instead of death sentence.

Is that fair enough?

No matter how terrible the victims suffer from such a brutality, when it comes to entertainment that will be, “Oh, come on …, it’s part of show!”

In real context this might sound, “Oh, come on … it’s part of human right!” No tickling sin, we have taken it for granted.

Blame us? Not a good idea. Sharia law? Scary! Blame the blogger to have come up with this issue?

I’ve got an idea. We’d better put blame on a louse in Robocop’s hair!

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