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James Franco, Anne Hathaway, Oscars and bloggers.

As actors James Franco and Anne Hathaway were named co-hosts by Oscar organizers last Monday, bloggers along with the Media were waiting for the February 27's event next year, when the awards to be given out.

When one blogger asked about who James Franco really was, another blogger wondered why him. While more and more bloggers asked about Anne Hathaway, Anne Hathaway didn’t have to feel tickled to speak to them in a press conference and to tell them who she really was.

Both actors didn’t think it’s necessary to deal with bloggers, especially with the silly ones who weren’t even be able to speak basic English.

How about having a lively chat with a tickling blogger? And talking about creating a tickling movie over tickling celebrities? And casting this silly blogger too? And giving Oscars to the blogger and tickling him as well before the audience?

And …

James Franco, Anne Hathaway to co-host Oscars,that’s the title should be.

And bloggers?

Full stop!

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