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Jim Carrey to wake up for reality

Despite his fame now, Carrey’s life wasn’t always a barrel of laughs. Peripatetic, poverty, that was how he led his early life as he was born into such a household.

He was the Cable Guy, the Mask and Bruce Almighty and he is! As the Cable Guy he keeps searching for the right connection to see the alien somewhere in the sky by checking out the modem option icon cable to connect to the Internet.

As the Mask he needs to modify the mask he found by the river, so that it looks less terrified for people to use for all purposes. It’s okay if the mask covers all the face, but it is not funny if that kind of thing used by politician as means of disguise.

As Bruce Almighty, he really needs to escape from the angels who want to take his life as they get angry with him copying the real Almighty.

And as person he may agree that Robocop is not a good model to lead a normal life.
Is he Robocop? Is Robocop a blogger? Is Jim Carrey always tickled by Robocop? Is ...?

Help ...!

I don’t know before waking up, will he say, “Liar, liar!”?

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