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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Saul Rubinek of Warehouse 13 fame, a very intriguing man?

How about this: Saul Rubinek of Warehouse 13 fame, a talented actor, puzzled by blogger?

He can tell you why people keep tuning in to watch Warehouse 13, but he cannot tell you why people keep doing stupid things at warehouse, especially if this is done in India. It’s impossible to tell because this has nothing to do with his acting career.

As you may know, a warehouse is the synonym of store, storehouse, stockroom or depot and he may not think that this word fits airport. He never wants to stay the night in a warehouse; irritated by mice and rats but Warehouse 13 is an exception. It’s such a nice place to earn money.

Of the show, he tells Rachelle of Right Celebrity, that it‘s a 9.00 show, it’s appropriate for kids ten years old and up, and the violence is kept at a minimum. It’s the kind of show that because of the humor the adventure fantasy that seems to work for the whole family so that nobody feels either talked down to or talked up to.

Of the violence which is kept at a minimum he never recommends the kids to muse about it or to find solution as to getting rid of it. And that nobody feels either talked down to or talked up to, is not something sensational every silly blogger would like to put this theme as a title of a blog post.
Saul Rubinek should not be puzzled by a blogger, but the spirit of intriguing is really contagious. What do you think about it, sir, if write about Robocop in your warehouse?

No, far away from that, literally, I am not an appropriate English-speaking actor.

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