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Can't tickle celebrities!

What's wrong?

Nothing, but will celebrities tickle Mr. Nurman suffering a typhoid now instead and wake him up and say, "get well recovered soon, man."

Don't cry for me, Robocop, I'll be right back soon. It's okay nearly a month absent from updating.

What?! Can't wait playing hide and seek with me? Don't forget your diaper.

Comedy writer for hire? You've come to the right place! 

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2 Responses to Can't tickle celebrities!

  1. get well soon mr nurman, it's been a long time i did not called you.
    can not wait for learned some stuff from you again.

  2. thnks ki and sorry for the very late reply to this. got very terribly slow internet connection at home that I failed to write down here. Wish you luck!


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