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Who is hotter, Johnny Depp or Matt Damon?

From Yahoo! Answer:  Who is hotter, Johnny Depp or Matt Damon?

1. Johnny Depp hands down.

Interesting thing is, Captain Jack Sparrow is considered to be an Ugly character but still Johnny Depp made women go mad for his role as Jack Sparrow.

2. Johnny Depp though Matt Damon has kept himself in good condition for a men his age. That's rare.

3. Omg who the hell cares?

4. (Could be more answers following above)

From Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy ...  Who is hotter, Johnny Depp or Matt Damon? Not sure, unless someboy will comment on this post.

"I think nothing different," a voice from this blog. "If only both would wear my 'clothes!'"

That's Robocop!

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