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Leila Lopes crowned Miss Universe, hates to be tickled

Of course, newly crowned Miss Universe Leila Lopes hates to be tickled after being crowned recently, especially by a stranger.There's no news that she wants to hire a comedy writer named man2sting to teach her how to tickle celebrities' fancy.

Neither does she want to help promote a comedy writer for hire on the Internet. She wants to help her native Angola further escape a history of war and impoverishment and said she plans to focus on combating HIV around the globe.

Speaking in a timid voice early Tuesday shortly after taking the crown in South America's largest city, the 25-year-old didn't say that she needs a man like Robocop to accompany her anywhere she goes.

Once  a writer says about her, "I've worked with various comedy writings but not so many people know about me.What if I write about Miss Lopes being tickled? Will there be anybody starting to hire me?

"I know she works in the fight against HIV. She works to protect the elderly and she has to do everything that her country needs. But the possibility that she will come to my country to see me and to talk about new project of writing, that's nonsense!"

Responding to the above mentioned statement, Lopes said that she has never had cosmetic surgery of any kind and that her three tips for beauty were to get a lot of sleep, use sunblock even when it's not sunny and to drink lots of water. She said her smile was her best weapon in the competition.

For anybody knows the meaning of sense of humor, the latter disjointed paragraph is not for you to believe nor memorize.

Comedy writer for hire? You've come to the right place!


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