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man2sting, comedy writer for hire

Not much that I can say here, but blah ... blah.... blah ... and blah ... blah.... blah ....

The statement above might be the best answer to why you need to hire me, to tickle everyone's fancy in a silly way, since words don't always bring meaning to life, and what is called funny it is not necessarily to express something by making face.

You keep quiet may be regarded as funny by evil spirit. Why? Because, for example, while you're trying not to fart in a meeting, you do it but you won't admit it.

And you keep saying, "Not me!"

What is a comedy writer? According to Robocop, if someone can tickle him, he is okay to be hired. But can one do it? For those you can read between the line, will say, "why not?"

To tickle Robocop, all you have to do is go to Twitter.com and write there: Visit myblog.com, you'll see Robocop learns how to swim with me.

If Robocop doesn't laugh, there is nothing wrong with it. You'll drive visitors to, at least smile with you. And if you're selling products on your website or blog, it means potential traffic.

Gee, there's not much that I can say here; only ... I'm not that good at it. However, there's nothing to lose to hire a witty comedy writer whose jabbers make you think and decide.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen for your big applaud. (And as usual for leaving the comment below unanswered)

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