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Fun things to do when you're tired

When you’re tired, please make sure that you’re not asking yourself about any other medicines you’re taking. Forget about natural therapies and non-prescription medicine. Also forget about how to get the doctor’s prescription in detail.

Don’t think about cholesterol named High-density lipoprotein (HDL) which is often called ‘good’ cholesterol, but really it’s great. This cholesterol won’t lead you to a good sleep even if you murmur it frequently before going to bed. Making friend with this cholesterol will only puzzle you. Skip the suggestion: take it or leave it.

It is not recommended, either, that you keep questioning why a man like Robocop exists, while your real problem now is not to let yourself be ticketed over and over on the street.

You are tired, so have a rest. Imagine there is no debt collector waiting for you in anger by the door. There are no cats and dogs fighting after it has stopped raining cats and dogs. There’s no such a creature named sweetheart to have broken your heart and there’s no politicians to commit corruption anywhere around the world.

When you're tired have yourself tickled here!

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