Tara Reid hates being tickled!

“I hate being tickled. Sure, it makes me laugh, but when I get tickled, I get pissed off. I'm like a monkey when I get tickled - woo-hoo.

Above is one of Tara Reid's quotes. So if you happen to know her, please ask her to visit this blog, because, ready or not, she's going to be tickled here. Yes, I just want to make sure whether she's going to swing from one tree to another or not for a bunch of bananas.

Every celebrity being tickled here must know that if he wants to be like a monkey when he gets tickled, it is not recommended to read the posts belonging to Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy while being tickled which is not necessarily done by a monkey..

Tara Reid will laugh if she is tickled. When she gets tickled, she gets pissed off. But she is not going to laugh if while being tickled people say, "Hey, you're broke and the monkey took your money!"

That's absolutely not funny!

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