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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tickling poetry ....

Pregnancy, could be a good idea to put down humor on . Read on, I have something to present here:

Mommy, what’s your name?
It’s dark in here and I can’t find the lighter
I can’t even think what I should do later when I grow up uneducated

Please, tell me, what day it is
It’s so scary if I am destined to be corruptor
But, ‘whatever will be, will be’, that sounds like just take it for granted

Mommy, what’s your zodiac sign?
Should I become superstitious and go to the fortuneteller in my early twenties?
How about, there is no 2013?

I haven’t been a toddler yet, but I am aging
Must I cry out and keep hanging around nowhere and kick and hit you?
Can’t wait for my glorious teen

The whole part of the poetry is not here and I challenge anybody having sense of humor ..., you may outdo me to replace my 1st rank at

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