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Victoria Beckham and plastic surgery

Victoria Beckham's face is different from Asians, thanks to a recent trip to her plastic surgeon? Wrong context? What a distraction! It is not so tickling as seeing a male movie star exchange face with her. That’s silly!

The former Spice Girl admits that she had her breast implants removed in an effort to get back to a more natural figure. She never admits while doing so Robocop accompanied her and tickled her when she got stressed.

Beckham, who's marriage to David Beckham has become the breadwinner of the family or otherwise? This statement is suitable for a primary’s school pupils, perhaps. "No cheating guys," says the teacher.

"I'm a normal-looking girl, and I just make the best of what I have," she told Allure. "I'm incredibly ordinary."

Anybody who wants to be a normal-looking girl and make the best of what she has don’t contact 911 if your mother yells at you, okay girls?

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