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Friday, September 2, 2011

We and celebrities should scream, freak out each other?

Do you always scream, freak out, ask for pictures/autographs, etc, when you suddenly see a celebrity around? Why the celebrities never scream or freak out nor ask for pictures or autographs of yours?
They are just normal human beings like us, aren't they?
Why some people on yahoo forum, facebook, myspace, etc put their last name as a celebrity last name: Beiber, Lautner, Jonas But not Sarimin or Tukinah? It's because they have the same ancestor, that is Adam?
On Yahoo! Answers you'll find some people comment as below:
Because people get sick of their own boring lives and want to learn about people who have much more fascinating lives.
It's because there obsessed DUH,

They get super super super super excited to see someone thats famous because if they take a pic or get an autograph they can share it to all there friends on facebook and people will think there 'cool'.

This mostly happens with tweens or teens :P
well... celebrities are a big deal in all over the world. but I think one reason that people behave that way is because of advertisements. well i mean for example each actor that girls are crazy for, had played as a gorgeous, heartthrob guy in a movie and in that movie girls are crazy for them for example Zac Efron in HSM, Rob ptz in Twilight series, Joe Jonas in Camp Rock ....
You see?
and it's the same for actresses! like Rachel M
After all, the most interesting moment in life, maybe, if there's a time when you and celebrities scream and freak out each other.Like when we all see Robocop taking off his helmet and saying, "why don't you guys scream and freak out at me? I'm much prettier than Cinderella!"
Can't wait for that ...

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