What is corruption?

What is corruption? (looking for comedy monologue 's script?) There's an awkward silence when your pets ignore this discussion. Corruption is obvious enough to make someone feels like Donald Trump. When you look at how business is practiced around the world, it's often not so clear what is corrupt and what is not. But it is very clear for the world to see how your feel when you’re broke or brokenhearted.

We don’t’ have to typically identify corruption with side payments, cronyism and nepotism if we still wet the bet. We may identify it with our grandfather’s mustache if we’re lost for words for this, mayn't we?

Corruption is activity that corrupts. It undermines the system in which it occurs. Because business systems can work very differently, different kinds of activity corrupt them. But when it comes to cooking ingredients you can slice corruption into three parts and together with a teaspoon of salt pour it into the pan and stir for around five minutes. Hey, what's all about?!

Want to know more about corruption? Visit Indonesia and ask politicians there the meaning of Katakan Tidak Pada Korupsi!

A tickling video about corruption:

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  1. Corruption is an ingrained and acute disease. The more we talk about it, the more we get stressed if such problem in a country difficult to solve. Reading this I hope I can smile for a while before committing corruption again, ha-ha-ha.

    Mr. Corruptor

  2. Thank you for commenting here Mr. Anonymous or Mr. Corruptor. What would you like to drink anyway. I have cendol and es kolak. You know, this kind of drink is very popular during Ramadan month in Indonesia. But for a cup it's worth $ US 1000 Uh-oh!


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