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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brad Pitt and bread and butter

Life is full of fantasy.

Take a look, once he stepped onstage for the unannounced appearance people were amazed.  Then when he ate his bread, people screamed. That’s Brad Pitt eating his bread on stage.

Next, He dug a shallow pit and left one fan there. People started to wonder what this is all about. Better wake up and forget about the entire tickling scene’s fantasy.

Acting is Brad Pitt’s bread and butter at the moment. How about you?

“Well, I myself like acting but when it comes to hiatus, I’d prefer to sleep here.”

The statement above is not uttered by an actor, off course. He might be someone who has a sense of humor. He can be a superhero, a fortuneteller, a blogger, an actor, an illustrator, a politician and even a loan shark.

Yes, life is full of fantasy, but, unfortunately it’s starting to be lack of social interaction now. If I write here the man saying the comment above was amazed and then he screamed as if Brad Pitt left him in a shallow pit, what would anybody care?

Everybody has become a smart phone addict, leaving you there alone in a shallow pit.

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