Indonesia, wake up!

Tell those lazy people to be there with their big megaphone to utter their well thought and words into one and with zest to tickle everybody’s fancy. Don't just yell, "Say no to corruption!"

If you happen to hear this notification you’d better close your ear. And focus on the word ‘there’ as written above.  Don’t force yourself to join in a rally to protest government’s policies on various issues if you’re soft spoken, calm and forward looking. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt might not follow it, because they live far, far away from this place. Besides, they have nothing to do with this.

These lazy people are busy with Twitter and Facebook. They may enjoy watching infotainment shows performing dangdut singers or rap singers in their break time. Don’t tell them about loan sharks, or bread or debt or zombies rising up to have plastic surgery.

Harry Potter’s magic may not appeal to them. Rick Perry is whom they know nothing about and comedy is not wroth written as part of shows. Who are those lazy people and where are they?

But, wait … “Who says I’m lazy,” says one of them in his deep sleep in the parliament.

Wake up Indonesia!

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  1. Sorry, I hate to wake up and to wake you up. but the dawn is breakin, it's early morn. Taxi's waiting it's blown its horn


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