Rick Perry, a glimpse of

Rick Perry, US President candidate, have known this?

Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry won't tickle your fancy here. He is not a comedian, nor a comedy writer for you to hire. If you think you know him, which one of the following fitting him as the one shot to spotlight recently.

  • He would get the US military involved in Mexico's war with Mike Tyson's style.
  • He is likely to upset the Mexican government by saying that all the politicians there having had a plastic surgery
  • He uttered a remark which appeared to be a new misstatement on how to post a tickling article about celebrities
  • He said, "The way we were able to stop corruption in Colombia was with fortuneteller's help.
If none of the above written are true telling about him, I'll like to sing Michael Jackson's song: You're not alone (to be tickled here)

Sorry Mr. President to-be, it's a joke, no offense, please ...



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