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Illustrator For Hire

Hire an illustrator, who knows you can take over his position later. Lol! No kidding, anybody believing: if at first you don't succeed, try and try again will make their dream come true sooner or later, won't they? He or she can be an instant artist, too, why not! Sure, just one thing to remember, Rome was not built in a day.

Anyway, can you guess whose picture appeared below? Do you think she is one of the famous people on earth? Is she from another planet? Come on. You know her. Just take a look a little closer.

hire an lillustrator
I'll come to your dream tonight, prepare your blood

She is from the planet Photoshop if I may kid you. Compare it to the picture below, but please don't hire her as an illustrator if you think she will corrupt your project, instead. Lol. Well, this post is updated on 12 January 2014 and I have already created a subdomain from this tickle your fancy blog for you guys to do hire me in case you have to meet your deadline. Check it out here.

hire an illustrator
I'll come to your office today, just wake up

Anyway, back to the picture; If you still don't know her, no problem. You're not a moviegoer, are you? Neither am I! I tell you what: Life flies so fast, thanks to the Internet, some people are blessed by some free lessons and tutorials which can make them expert in specific fields--new artists will be reborn and reborn. These people, full of fashion, advertise themselves as freelancer, illustrator for hire. As for me, I am not an exception. I am one of the artists, who compete among other illustrators from all over the world on elance.com, guru.com and odesk.com, the latter gave me almost perfect feedback and the one that I like best to cling to up to now.

However, due to the tight competition, I have decided to stand out of others by promoting myself  here as freelancer on this tickle your fancy blog and update my portfolio there on the link provided above. If you have some samples or you like to discuss with me about some project, just find me there--your illustrator is waiting for you, maybe picking nose.

By the way, should I tell you who she really is. ... But, unfortunately, she came to me last night whispering to my ear, "hey bad boy, keep it a secret, will you?"

Sorry ... it is recommended to hire me as an artist rather than as a witch doctor. 

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