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Tickling writing? Make Money!

Create more and more tickling writings and make money? Why not? What about? About an seo expert who cannot tickle Google search engine quite well? About celebrities who are learning to tickle everyone's fancy? Or about life with its serious rhyme? If you like writing, it is not recommended to write about corruption while a corruptor is there being with you and is treating you well. Kidding!

Nobody can write anything serious when they are being tickled while typing on the computer, can't they? Anyhow, who will do such a stupid thing? Just make money creating tickling writing! In other words, create unique contents, amusing one, spoof and the like.  In order to be able to write something unique, you don't need to go to Oxford University. Just visit this blog and you may wonder, "Mr. Nurman, is this blog a real tickling blog?" Lol. Forget about my narcissistic sense.

Instead, I'll recommend you a link that you can join to make money writing, not only writing tickling things as I do, but anything up to your interest. No jokes no lies--saved by the bell--I benefited from here after deciding using back my expired domain: www.man2tickle.com.Yes, I almost gave up after 4 years blogging leaving me much distress and uncertainty. Just try it.

Anyway, if you do like writing and get inspired from this blog, I can only say thank you.Stay tune I hope I can write some more tickling ideas of how to make money online. If you have a sense of humor and you are fond of writing, I am sure you're such a happy person generating money with what you're up to..

But wait, before leaving me here alone you might like to be tickled by my other collections of silly writings which I assume they won't make money. Lol

1. How well do you know about Justin Bieber.
2. Arnold Swcharzenegger not to tickle his own story
3. King of Plop Missing!

No more words to say, keep writing and tickling the world with me, guys ...

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