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Weird blog considered tickling?

What are people looking for on the Internet, tickling blog contents? Maybe. Quite often they come across something unexpected and distracted but tickling. Be they stories, news, images or make quick money scheme, all don't give what they expect, but laughable and make them want to stay long. What a distraction! This is the blog every blogger wants one thing for sure.

The most popular human on the Internet nowadays, based on a keyword survey, is Justin Bieber. And there are a great number of  blogs or sites covering tickling news or stories about him. There are many writings or rewrites to attract visitors to come to a site or a blog and this is part of blogger's routine. Anything about Bieber attracts attention. Songs, off course, personal life, lifestyle, goals in life, interview, concert, quote, etc. By the way, Ever heard of Justin Bieber's quote: "There is always someone who is going to say something, make up something. Try to bring you down. Kill 'em with kindness."

To a creative blogger, the quote written above can be something unique to tickle your fancy. If it is put to a blog and the blogger can amuse people by rewriting it in a silly way, sure it does. More and more people eager to know about Justin Bieber's updates, be curious to find out about Katy Perry's whereabouts, (is she in Bali now?) be informed over Nicolas Cage's debt and other celebrities' gossips. Day by day they visit related blogs. Time by time bloggers update their blog contents. They keep up with the news, surely think about how to create something tickling to attract visitors.

A tickling blog is created, updated and uploads more and more contents which is considered tickling or ticklish. And now you are here at one of the tickling blogs available on the Internet. But here you won't find something as a wrong perception as what I've got in the beginning of establishing this blog. Somebody commented, "No offense, Mr. Nurman, but your blog tittle Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy and its url www.man2tickle.com as if it shows that you are a gay or something?

Quite a tickling comment! What can I say? In fact, here you won't find something visible for restricted age.No pictures of man and woman in bed tickling each other. Nothing to rouse fashion, desire and fantasy. No nudity. Children, even toddler will be save when they came across this blog. They can even feel encouraged to create their own tickling stories--or even a tickling blog.

Maybe my blog is a weird blog or something, as many of the contents are not focused on detail, many of them  rewriting weird things about celebrities, public figures and some recent trends. I know there are much to be fixed, but I really appreciate comment, suggestion and the like to help me, as a non-native English speaking person who learned English autodidact to improve the contents to tickle everyone's fancy. Or thinking about donation? It's been 3 years to learn to make people around the world happy. Thanks

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