Celebrity tickling stories?

Looking for some gossip? Or looking for some different tickling stories about celebrities? Check it out here:
  •  Stupid short story about Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise is ready to bust some heads as "Jack Reacher," He will tickle Jack Reacher but Jack Reacher will not tickle him. Because Jack knows it's not a tickling celebrity story that people wish to read.

tickling story celebrity
Don't tickle celebrities when you are in big debt!
  • Don't tickle me or my mom will shoot
Remember when Sylvester Stallone regretted making comedies like "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot"? He didn't think about having the same script rewritten by a blogger or hiring a ghost writer to write a tickling story about him. The film, according to him was a big mistake because his fans didn't approve of him making something so silly. I'm not sure whether his fans would like to read my tickling story about him regretting a loss of muscle due to age.
  • Why Kim Basinger ignored this tickling whisper
Celebrities with social anxiety disorder is not something to tickle your funny bone. Kim Basinger is one for example, she was so withdrawn as a child that when Kim took the podium to accept her Oscar in 1997 for LA Confidential, she couldn't find the words to speak, even though unbelievably Casper there whispering , "say tickle, tickle. 
  • Drew Barrymore VS Steven Spielberg
Drew Barrymore didn't know why Steven Spielberg admitted to spotting her as a "natural ham" when she was asleep that night. He picked her at age 6 to portray the irrepressible Gertie in E.T. As a cute, lovable kid Drew captured America's heart in the most successful movie and then video in history. That she has to resist the echoed yell in the sky asking her to tickle Spielberg, nobody believes it, and neither has she ever acknowledged it.

That's all about Celebrity tickling stories. If you don't think they are funny, that's reasonable. They are not comedians, are they?



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