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The naugty tickling words

Find out here how the word "tickle" can screw up things; the word which sounds silly to put down in a story.

From the hot issue: American Presidential debate!

An alleged ticklish President Obama didn't have the heart to ask Mitt Romney on Monday night: what's wrong with an English phrase:tickle. Should idiom tickle your fancy be deleted by Ministry of Defense from the presidential dictionary as it is not part of the right word for a debate?

Whoever accusing either one of them naiveté must know the meaning of naivete as something unique. It is as unique as 'tickle your fancy.

"The tickling problem is … on a whole range of issues," Obama was a kind of shy to say in one tickling exchange, "you've been all over to tickle everyone's fancy." If Romney heard it, he might take a more temperate tone but nevertheless accused the president of repeatedly saying something dull to tickle the country's fancy.

The president vigorously denied -- and failing to back up for his argument related to the revolutionary "Arab Spring," which according to him won't tickle his fancy at all.

Nowhere in the world is America's word: tickle your fancy is more confusing today than it was four
billion years ago." Is it the same as tickle your funny bone?

The third and final presidential debate didn't focus universally on the word tickle, tickling or ticklish and they are not included in foreign policy issues, with the two rivals painting vastly different pictures of the people tickling one another, the world will get confused which will be considered the most tickling person on earth.

Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan won't bother at all at the use of tickle in the debate instead of predator which — too many toddlers, this is rude. The two were often largely lost in agreement, despite their all knowing of rhetorical tickling words.

Most of the politicians who didn't get involved in the tickling domestic policy, only with the two words: tickle and tickled, they have options to help these words spread in the world through the Internet.

They just looked tickled themselves ignoring what's going on in the first two debates. Obama might accuse Romney of favoring the idiom tickle your fancy that would help to mock the current American president in Asia with a tickling and unique way.

The two sat side by side at a wooden table facing the moderator and ... Not sure if they're ready to tickle each other.

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