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What is a tickle your fancy blog?

Whether you consider this is a tickle your fancy blog or a silly one, there's nothing here to show people fighting against one another using their finger. What is a tickle your fancy blog anyway? Let's talk about this from a liberal point of view.

My blog title might show that this is a tickle your fancy blog. Yes, here is the place where you can even kid me, the writer of this blog if you wish. But of all the contents that I've written here, there's nothing to come up as witty comments as a follow-up. I must compete with any other bloggers out there to provide stories to tickle your fancy, if I really want to acknowledge this as a tickling your fancy blog.

For all tickling blog writers say to newcomers, "please don't make a tickle your fancy blog if you lack the requisite skills for the job." Sounds ridiculous?

To those having a good sense of humor, a tickle your fancy blog must be the one to amuse them. That is a simple definition. To politicians, as long as it doesn't expose their "blessed" conspiracies, this blog is save. The latter is biased or ... whatever you say. While to graphic designers, the blog needs to look beautiful with some unique and tickling banners, header or widgets.

Well, what is a tickle your fancy blog? The answer is easy: after you've found the meaning of tickle your fancy from the dictionary you put the word blog behind and you think.

Don't want to think? Just let yourself tickled.

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