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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Robert Pattinson, any tips about celebrity products?

Looking for products used or initated by Robert Pattinson? Tips for anybody who want to be just look like celebrity? But, where is the best place to buy them, Mr Pattinson? People today are hunger for fashion and pride, and they shop till drop.

First, we would like to know about what you wear Mr. Pattinson? What fashion product do you prefer as a handsome actor? Is it what people, especially your fans looking for? Is it as dark as what a vampire wears in a horror movie or is it pink to glorify Mr. Valentino at Valentine Day? You know better than other, right? Product related to Robert Pattinson are scattered on Google, agreed?

As Edward Cullen you are fussy over fashion is that right Mr. Pattinson? But Edward Cullen is not a celebrity. He is fictitious. He only asks where to buy the ticket to watch him being in action, don't you think?Anybody looking for celebrity products will find Robert Pattinson on shooting location, usually on Friday night? Not sure? Me, neither. But did you know what he did last summer? It's none of your business!

Need his tips?

Just make sure, you have done your homework, so that mommy won't yell at you. Then when you grow up here are the tips for you to find the best celebrity product in case you want to buy one. Never ask Robert Pattinson about it.

1. If you are a hillbilly don't get hilarious the first time you see Google's advertisement flashing in animation on the Internet. Just go to Google search engine and type: where to buy your desired clothes.

2. If you are a fashion designer and would like to review products of celebrity just get out of here quickly and go to your address bar, type also the related keywords of celebrity products there.

So, what's the conclusion?

If you don't have a sense of humor, better do as suggested at point 1 and 2. Lol.


Trust me said...

This is fun rather than reading a tragedy of life.

Muhammad Nurman said...

Tradegy of Parody?

Anonymous said...

Celebrity products, huh? why must people get attracted to it. They are not celebrities ....


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