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Monday, February 25, 2013

Tickling Story

Are there any tickling stories about product, a collection of business review packed in an amusing writing at work? The product is not a funny thing, but the illustration or the description might be something of laughable to amuse us?

tickling story
No, there are not, especially when you get stressed in a plenary meeting and your sales manager are setting an unreasonable target. However, you can create a story to tickle your own funny bone if you are a nothing-to-lose person there. At least fancy him as a loser who serves you a dish of ice cream for your tiredness of work. This episode is like an old silent movie played in slow motion. Very funny!

But then he hits the desk, to your surprise, and brings you back to your senses. Oh, no! That's too emotional! Still your weird story leads you to more sily things, like for example, seeing in your fancy your upset manager being chased by a dog when he is falteringly explaining how to boast a slow business. Not tickled?

To parody a product or to spoof it in a tickling story might sound not good for business, but to use parody, cartoon, animation, funny pictures to promote a product that what business people like to do.You guys haven't known things like video explainer or whiteboard animation can go to YouTube and click either one of these two keywords and see how tickling stories turn out to be effective enough for promotion.

Anyway, back to a fairy tale about the products you want to hear, where's the sales manager after he has served you with a dish of ice cream?

Is he chasing the dog now, instead?

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