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Monday, May 6, 2013

What Do You Mean By Tickling Men?

Tickling men. Who are they? Do they tickle each other and don't care about other's perception? Is Ricky Martin included? When a friend introduced him to Carlos, a financial analyst-stockbroker four years ago, South America was shaken. Trees were fallen down and the sky was clouded over day by day. It rained heavily, and there's a narration uttered from the heavens, "Do you think I'm making up a story!" Lol.

Do we really have to be careful with this term? Especially when we are straight? For babies or toddlers,  tickling men might mean fathers or grandfathers. But, unfortunately, this, to such extreme thought, leads to pedophilia. If you're scared that your sex oritentation can probably turn to be weird or alleged being so like Daddy Yankee's, you should not let yourself be in the similar photo with a sort of man. Let the guy be guy, don't let the guy be gay if you happen to aim it to yourself in front of the mirror.If you don't know well who Daddy Yankee really is, you'd better ask your daddy to tell you about him instead of narrating you a fable the whole night to lul you to sleep.Lol.

There's a wonderful and inspiring story when you see boxers fighting in a ring like Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson. Ali suffering Parkinson and Tyson with emotional problem won their battle, not as tickling men with or without pro and contra in society. It means strong gentlemen in the eye of public should show who and what they really are. Tough and complicated, maybe.

Robocop and Iron Man, both gentlemen are also tough guys to fights against their enemies with their metal shields. If you see them tickle each other, men must believe they must have watched animation too much and there's too much fancy to make. So what's the conclusion, who and what are they?

There would be great if you also comment here to give your opinion about this either as tickling man or no.Excuse me, I'll continue blogging.


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