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Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Tickling Story?

tickling story
It's not about you guys having been distracted on the Internet and then this is called a tickling story. You get puzzled and in the end you just spend a lot of time playing Hang Man there. It's not funny at all.

It's about a flock of gold fish which cannot talk but can sing. How come? That's simple. You draw and move them with Flash Macromedia and then do the voice over. Is it a good idea? No, that's not a tickling story. It's something which will irk any hillbillies around the world who know nothing about the Internet. It's a skill the expert, the webmaster, bloggers or artists can do, not all people can.

So, welcome to the global era. Now listen to the rhythm of the fish when they're creating a tickling story on their own. It's not: Once upon a time a man was fishing in the river but no fish would come to approach the bait. It's blah blah blah .... Meaning wait and see. Then ... blah blah blah blah blah blah ... Meaning, See, I'm making fun of you.

What happens next? A mermaid will show up? A barbie? Not really. just wondering how to end such a terrible writing like this, something that comes up as spontaneous and without any certain point. Surely it's not enough to be called a tickling story. But just want to make sure if I can grab the attention of the world by presenting fish here to drive traffic to this blog. Well just wait and see.

Or I wonder if you like to read some tickling stories of celebrities here..

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