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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How I Got 3000 Visitors In One Day

How I Got 3000 Visitors In One Day? No tickling post today. It happened in 2012 and it's better too late than never to share this here. There's a boy named Gloson, a 14-year-old kid who lives in Malaysia who blogs about social media, blogging, technology stuff, and more, the one who inspired me to share this. He wrote on his blog Glosson Blog: Last week, I got 3,000 visitors from just a SINGLE tweet by a power user. Wow, can you imagine the power of that single tweet? I got the same traffic too a year ago but I didn't really know what happened and I didn't want to find it out.

Here’s how it happened (Gloson version)

I woke up one morning to check my statistics… WHAT? I got 3000 visitors in one day? Cool! then hurriedly scanned my analytics to find out what was causing the huge spike in traffic.I discovered that a twitter power user, Jon Winokur @AdvicetoWriters, tweeted my blog post called 9 Confusing Confusions in English Grammar, which I published back in November 2010When Jon tweeted my blog post, the snowball effect happened. His followers saw his tweet and retweeted it, and their followers saw their retweets and retweeted too; ultimately his tweet reached his followers’ followers’ followers. Get it? You can read more here to find out the detail.

Here's how it happened (my version)

Unlike, the smart kid Glosson who could provide authentic statistics on his blog post, I didn't even know what Google analytic was for back then in 2012. And now since I have changed this blog template many times (you my regular readers know that), I lost my traffic history, some organics keywords from the first page of Google and lowered my alexa rank as well (I look forward to your helping me find the authentic data--please recommend here by commenting below). How I got 3000 visitors and more--I forget the exact number, I can only show my all-time.blogger statistic.

You see the mounting pyramid there? It belongs to the second entry of my posts entitled Katy Perry. I got 3000 or something a day after January 20, 2012 when I posted a spoofed article about her coming to Indonesia for a music concert. There's no extraordinary news, I only parodied myself there. I also got huge traffic for another post about David Beckham is in need of chef, but it's only around 600 or something. Two days afterwards everything got back to normal: averagely below hundred per day.

So how I Got 3000 Visitors In One Day? If Glosson got it from twitter. I got mine from StumbleUpon. See traffic sources there..Maybe one of the StumbleUpon guy there is a famous person or at least the one who has a huge followers and he referred my content to his followers and his followers did the same thing too with the others. Or maybe it's the moment when people were searching news about Katy Perry--a trending topic, especially when she's conducting a music concert in Indonesia.

What we can learn from this, according to Gloson: (You can see the detail by visiting his blog through the link provided above)

i. Targeted content
ii. Real followers
iii. Some numbers
iv. Quality content

I may I agree with the points above. Only I didn't create point iv. So it's weird? How I got 3000 visitors in one day? I just  learned to tickle everyone's fancy, and perhaps that's just the right moment people needed to read. Anybody having another analytic, please share here. thanks.

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