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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Your Hair Let You Down? No Way!

At a wedding in South Florida last night, the bride and groom were surprised by the presence of an acquaintance wearing a headdress. She was somewhat pale; it looked as if she covered her hair tightly so that nobody could find out what it's-like. During the reception the band blared a weird chant through the speakers and the guests started dancing. They danced and danced crazily and this drove her crazy!

hair treatments using keratin
May I join the contest? I'm beautiful, aren't I?
The girl happens to be my friend. She just told me she had forgotten that in south Florida having to deal with the humidity when dealing with hair is common. She couldn't enjoy the happy moment, She just sat there around the corner hiding her hair--totally in a bad mood. You know, frizz surely let this fuzzily perfectionist girl down. So, what's the solution?

Hair treatments using Keratin, I remember this one used by another friend of mine and my friend said it's great; that's what I recommend her. Have you heard of it? What do you think so far about this: risk your health by exposing yourself to harmful toxins in order to have sleek, sexy, manageable hair? No way! That's because K+ Frizz Control is completely free of the known cancer causing chemical Formaldehyde.

I hope she's glad to finally find an option to control her frizz without using harsh chemicals on her hair. The intense conditioner makes her hair very soft, not oily. And, you know what? After using the product for a few days, now she would like to take part in Jennifer Aniston Look-Alike Contest! That's fine, but not her pug-nosed face!

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