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5 Simple Ways To Make Your Dream Come True

The following is not an article to tickle your fancy as I usually write here on this blog. Here are 5 realistic ways to make your dream come true. The tips are based on my own life experience and now I would like share with you here.

Everyone of us would like to make an achievement in life and we are aware it's not an overnight effort. It takes time and through hard work and perseverance to make our dream come true. All in all, before doing everything suggested here, let's start a prayer. This is a greater power than everything.

And the most important thing is that whatever you want to be, just keep in mind, it should be realistic and not beyond reach--you know better of your standard, though. If you want to be a President and that what you call as up to standard, just go ahead. Making a dream come true should not include make yourself a daydreamer, instead. So, keep the strong will.

Okay let's get started now. How to make your dream come true in a sensible way:

1. Fancy yourself as the one you are dreaming of

how to make your dream come true
As soon as you know where to go and what you want to be, make it happen in your illusion. I'm not teaching you how to daydream all day long. There's a space in the future that you can put here now by making it certain in the way you behave. This sort of thing called art, you should have a sense of art--a skill or special ability to be what you want to be before it comes into being. This will keep you in your path. Be consistent.

2. Have self-suggestion

Many great people applied this in life. I did it too, even though humbly I say, I am not one of those great people. What is self suggestion? The definition varies. Self suggestion is a system for self-improvement developed by Emile Coue which was popular in the 1920s and 1930s. The other meaning, self suggestions are positive affirmations that influence your mind. They're powerful and they work. In simple words, you keep suggesting yourself that the day of success will be coming in your life.

3. Get rid of all hindrances

The barriers to making your dreams come true usually come from your surroundings who underestimate your effort. Get them out of your way and keep going on with your strong will. The biggest one, however, comes from your own self who turn out to get out of your path and be pessimistic instead. Conquer yourself first.

4. Keep improving your skill

Just like when you learn language, you need drilling practice, review and so on. Make it possible for you to apply it in the future for any purposes. Make experiment, trial, simulation and consider any possibilities which might happen later on.

5. Find the bridge to let you go 

Whatever you call it, be it channel, network or media, you must find your stage on where you can perform to show off your best performance in life. Thanks to the Internet, the way to make someone dream comes true is easier and more instant today.


It's just like a movie script you like to play with, you start all with a sketch, then a story board, rehearsal and so on--then as the director you yell on the go: cut! And you try again. Finally you'll see your movie there reflecting how to make your dream come true.

Have better ideas? Share here.

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  1. Thanks for the tips, but do you have better image than that?


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