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Best Apps For Your IPhone: The Top 10

By Suraj Singh Bhui

Apple gives iPhone users some of the best applications ever! iPhone users can avail of applications for everything from file-managers to smart calendars to some great games. You can choose from hoards of amazing applications, most of which are free!

This list contains what we think are the best apps in India for your iPhone.

1. PhotoSynth

The panorama application as fun as it is easy to use. It is especially fun watching the panoramas take shape while you capture them. This application from Microsoft for your iPhone will surely gives you the best deal for the price.

2. Facebook

Explore and experience the best social networking in the world on your iPhone shine in all its glory. The latest Facebook app comes new inbox features and a sense of focus that makes the iPhone in many ways superior to using the app on a desktop browser.

3. LinkedIn Pulse

Linkedin plus is one of the best applications for the best mobile phones. It is customized to give you a great news reading experiences, and let you share stories to your favourite social networks and explore compelling professional content.

4. National Rail Inquiries

For a frequent traveler, the National Rail inquiries app is a lifesaver. After the discontinuation of the original, free third-party National Railapp, the National Rail brought out its own free application. The application lets you check live train times, get notifications of delays and also helps you plan your journeys.

5. Skype

If you thought Facetime was big, Skype is magnanimous. Skype on the iPhone is user friendly as the interface is very simple and usable. It enables anyone with a Skype account to make free calls to other Skype users. Users can also make cheap calls to anyone, anywhere in the world.

6. Movies by Flixter

This application is especially a delight for movie buffs. The app provides a cinema listing of the latest releases. When you select a movie, it detects where you are located at that point and tell you the most suitable theater and the most suitable time to watch that movie.

7. Thomson Reuters News Pro

Keeping up-to-date has never been so easy before. Reuters News Pro will give you the latest and the best on your iPhone. Furthermore, the preferences options enable you to access news, pictures, videos and stock market coverage.

8. Run Keeper

Run Keeper is your Nike+ but better and for free! With iPhones GPS capabilities, you can keep a tab on your jogging and cycling routes; see details of your pace and check the calories burned. You can also go ahead and share all you did, online.

9. Drop box

Dropbox makes transferring content between your computer and your device, child`s play. All you need to do is choose a file; sync in a folder and onto your drop box. This will enable you to access it anytime, anywhere.

10. Tone Pad

You can now start your own band in the comfort of your home. Tone Pad features a whole lot of sound samples and banks, letting you create songs! With this application, you are offered virtual pianos and guitars and other instruments all in one app.

It is hard to choose the best applications from the zillions of options available in the market. However, we have chosen these on the basis of their utility, looks and user friendliness.

Through the years, iPhone have come to know for their support and compatibility for the most useful, exciting apps. From these we have chosen what we believe are the best in fields of travel, news, photography, social networking, productivity and more.

Suraj is a tech geek, always on the move to know something more about gadgets that re-innovate the world, gadget and gizmos crazy.

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