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Sunday, October 5, 2014

How To Get Trusted Doing Business Via Skype

how to get trusted doing business via skype
I am looking forward to your inviting me for a business
How to get trusted when you are doing business through Skype? Anybody can help me elaborate it? What do you think, will you believe if I say, "Just trust me, pay me in advance and I will do my best for you? Not really. It's all about money. How could you trust a stranger before he shows you the result of what he has done? You just don't want to burn your money, do you?

Apart from my absurd mission to learn to tickle your fancy, I will let you know about how you can trust me when you happen to communicate with me via Skype related to a business.

I am a man of self-taught, an autodidact, be it English learning, animation, voice talent, translation, SEO and more and the best thing in life that I like to do is have a "walk-in interview". How to get trusted? You convince someone about your expertise, you show him off that you are savvy and you like it because you have the stage. You are the star there. This is the best illusion that I have been having the whole my life. And Skype could be one of the best platforms for me

A couple of weeks ago I had just finished teaching a student learning Bahasa Indonesia through Skype. She's a Serbian living in the Netherlands. It's an 8-session class and there's once or twice trouble connections in the middle of learning process. There's also a little reschedule and I felt sorry for "betraying" the trust when it came to the on-and-off Internet trouble. What's in my mind, however, it's commitment and I had to do things professionally. Thanks God all was completed quite well and I got the rest of the payment. Now Just waiting for the testimony.

How to get trusted?

Based on my experience having project on Skype:

1. You give a free thing first, like free lesson trial. No problem for doing it 30 to 60 minutes. You need to make sure of your client to-be that you can keep the commitment and will be on stand by later on as you both deal with the time and payment

2. Demonstrate your skill if you are an artist, like drawing, or creating a draft, storyboard and do it live and let him see it. You can do it hand drawn or computerized depend on what media you can do faster.

3. Record a video about things to convince your client or about how you can be trusted. If necessary ask your previous client to record himself to give testimony for you.

4. Build a family-like relationship beforehand, be polite and friendly and do your job professionally, make a quick turnaround if there's a project to be done as soon as possible.

Well, this is the short thing I can share with you. Not quite something to tickle your fancy. However it's okay if you like to just have fun with me through Skype and have your day tickled by me to get trusted before starting doing business online.

Try me for English-Indonesian translation, whiteboard animation, illustration, Indonesian voice over, SEO here.

Thank you for landing

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Skype, bad connection, don't you think?

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