Whiteboard Animation: Storyboard!

Here is the whiteboard animation storyboard's head, my latest project. By the time I am writing this. the project is halfway to completeness. It's from and for Indonesia.

Maybe it's the first time I need to make a hand drawn sketch by pencil and then by marker before mixing it with a software on the computer. The whiteboard animation this type of scribing or doodling is more time consuming than those using software like sparkol who anybody can use even if they can't draw at all.

No matter how complicated it may seem, if we enjoy creating it it brings satisfaction off course. Well this first scene of whiteboard animation's storyboard to be put down here to invite you to hire me in case you have similar project of doodling or scribing.

indonesia whiteboard animation

This post is updated in 2017 with more storyboards made and I changed the niche of the blog from tickle celebrity focus and spoof to professional unique custom whiteboard animation service. 

Time flies so fast and from hobby to making money: I have already made for many brands in the world custom whiteboard videos, original and unique ones to make them stand out from the crowd.

I am very sorry, I could not keep my words when creating this post to show you the finalized video of the storyboard created here. It's all gone with viruses.

Well, never mind, more unique whiteboard videos will be placed on this tickle your fancy blog.

Have a nice day!



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