Free Virtual Office in London, Jakarta?

Having a virtual office anywhere in big cities, including in London or Jakarta is what every businessman hopes when it comes to efficiency and effectiveness. Strategic? Maybe not really necessary. Cheap or affordable, that's the point.

free virtual office london, jakartaIt is free for you to have one if you know the meaning of hard struggle, you know that Rome was not built in a day and you know no pain no gain. To have a virtual office in London with affordable price, cheap or in strategic location, you have to compete with so many people out there. The free one to get after you have won the competition. Cool ...

Please tell me what London is like. I just know it though TV when I was a kid and once got a guest post related to it here on this tickle your fancy blog. But I think virtual offices anywhere in the world would be the same. There are some with affordable price and some other expensive. Even the cheapest one is considered expensive if you are lack of budget. 

Sure, Jim, this is very important for anybody who hate to get trapped in traffic jams and get stressed along the way to work. In Jakarta, one for example, not only it's polluted,  but it is also access to "hell" for workers to commute downtown every working day. Anybody who ever felt how to live in Jakarta, working in strategic business district may feel pleased to have a virtual office with affordable price, cheap, located in a strategic location and so on.

Well, forget about Jakarta with its traffic jams, let's have fun backpacking, you don't have to go all around Indonesia, just take a short trip. From Jakarta you can go to Bogor or Bandung and that doesn't take a long time. Feel the fresh air, cool air, cool water and cool panorama, even though on weekend such traffic jams still block your way and make the traffic creep. Are you in London now, by the way?

Or consider Bali, but in case you just want to have a virtual office anywhere you are, you can have it while surfing, it's not cheap, but is that silly? Well just learn to tickle your fancy. There's nothing free. You can have one, be it in London or anywhere else. The point is you are sure you have better strategies to improve your business.



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