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Can Foreign Students Keep Up With Cambridge University?

Go to college or go to Google?
Cambridge university for foreign students may be one of the options for international educational destination. You want to be accepted there and you think you can keep up with the curriculum? Off course, it’s silly if we think that only modern country deserve better or the best education.

When thinking of exposure to the world, is it remotely possible to know of all the other nations while remaining in your own? It is. You’d have to read and place your understanding of the reading in the cultural and historical context of that nation in a particular period. Wishing to study at Cambridge university for foreign students is not a joke. It’s not that the idea of exposure to the world makes you know about everything French, Roman and Greek. You’d be able to build your understanding of their language and culture without simply terming them all as strange?

Anyway, what can you compare between what you’ve got in your own country with universal education? Do you think that The education systems are too information oriented and there are too many things, which do not need to be learnt. In this sense, we force kids to go to school and learn things, they are not even slightly interested in learning after all and we take their power away. In the end, they feel powerless and lose their self-esteem, and lose touch with their own dreams. So as foreign students should they fly to Cambridge university for a trial?

But, ... The internet is all we need. We don't need education, just ask google to solve your questions. If we ever get a job in a office than you can just sneak a phone and switch on google and you can pretty much get the answer for almost every question. That's just what people think today, just use google? No what? When you think of yourself as foreign students you don’t have to go Cambridge university at all? The year of 2000 marks as a global change of mindset. People get info easier from the comfort of their house and as well as get free education!

So the way to keep up with such great institution in the world is by changing mindset? Create your own curriculum? But Is formal education necessary for success? What do you think about it? If you believe so, just go ahead, grab what you want in life by being a well-educated person. Pursue as much career as you can and prove it that you are not just wasting money for being eventually--unemployed.

Otherwise, just consider a formal education is not necessarily the right platform for people to gain success in life. Those who think of learning by doing is more valuable than getting theoretical teaching from school but lack implementation in life. Those who gain confident as a blessing from God or as the way they express gratitude.

For realistic way of thinking Cambridge university is worth for foreign students. It is as valuable as being self-learner anywhere you are.

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