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History Of Appearance And Development Of Animation

Animation is synthetic art, where not the play of live actor or documental reproducible reality but successive row of special created and “reviving” on the display, drawn, picturesque or volumetric dollish images fixed in the film with the method of single-frame photography is on the base of it. It is the important difference of animation in comparison to the other types of movie. The artist hidden under the mask of cartoon’s character performs the role of actor. Plastic decisions of actor consist of expression of translated movement, playing of roles, impersonation of character and state.

The Birth of Animation’s Principle

The birth of animation is inextricably linked with the history of technical accessories’ appearance, which allow creating on the display illusion of movement of drawn and volumetric figures. However, animation only gradually began to realize itself as an art having huge artistic possibilities. It is interesting to notice that the principle of animation was found long before brothers Lumiere invented their famous machine for the shooting and projection of moving photos, giving the name for the new art – cinema.

Young Belgian physicist Joseph Plateau constructed rather simple device reminding childish toy. That is how scientist learned the nature of optical memory (laws of visual sensation’s inertia). It was cardboard disk with slotted hatchways in it. When the disk rotated in front of mirror, reflection of depicted on it figures gained possibility to move, “come alive”. This device was improved in England: disk was replaced on the tape with drawings imbedded into special drum, which resembled the modern film.

Pioneer of Animation

The birth of animation is closely linked with the name of talented French artist-self-taught Emile Reynaud. Reynaud with the help of praxinoscope (optical device from rotating drum, mirror system and lantern) demonstrated to French public his tapes with simple, but quite finished comic plots (E.g. Poor Piero). Scientist himself improved the mirror system of device. During almost 10 years, Reynaud showed first continuous sĂ©ances of “Optical Theatre” in Museum of Grevin in Paris. “Optical theatre” of Reynaud was basically preimage of animated film. Nevertheless, this theatre was not shot as film because of ignorance of modern cinematographic equipment’s and film projection’s methods.

Were Primitive Artists Linked With Animation?

We can notice that ability to tell about the events in the form of consecutively located drawings and show the expression of movement was usual for the many artists. One may already see this feature in the creation of primitive human. Drawings of primitive human represent at the same time primordiums of pictographic written language and beginning of art. Suchlike images, which archaeologists find on stone plates, most likely had huge social significance, as they set received experience in minds of primitive humans and served as the source of communication – share of knowledge, feelings and presentations. At first, animals figured in it but soon after compositions were complicated and images of human and his scenes of hunt appeared manifested with big expression and observation.

Development Of Animation

One has to put Walter Disney next to the pioneers of animation as one of the greatest masters, who greatly influenced on the development of world animation. He is often called as the father of animation. Creation of Disney composes the whole era in development of animation. Walt Disney played remarkable role in formation and acceptation of drawn film’s art as the independent branch of cinema. Thanks to his exceptional energy and talent, he put this branch on the same level with art of play movie. It is for reason that we mentioned play movie. Play movie replaced animated films in range of European countries.

We cannot call the names of Disney’s direct predecessors such as names of Pat Sullivan and Otto Messmer. They were the authors of famous cartoon character – cat Felix. Mainly this hero became the base for the loved by children character – Mickey Mouse.

To sum up, animation passed difficult way for becoming real art. Nevertheless, we all enjoy result because as children as also adults love to see them.

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