Make Your Dreams Come True And Create Excellent Cartoon

Every creational person dreams to create something genius, what will disturb minds of people and suggest them on global thoughts. Humanity created many methods of such greatness’s expression, such as book, cinema, telephone and so on. Nevertheless, this article will reveal all nuances and difficulties of composing the cartoon.

It will be right to say that all people love to watch cartoons. We love to observe how little men and animals amusingly move on the display of TV. Nevertheless, what is about the formation of cartoon by your own forces? This article will help in realization of your own animation project. Let us go.

Creating of cartoon may be long and difficult process. However, if you are consumed with desire to see your own animated stories on the display, the result will cost accomplished work. The process of cartoon’s formation can be divided on the next stages:

  • · The development of idea;
  • · Preparation of plot and scene selection;
  • · The process of animation;
  • · Tuning of voice effects.
  • Discern every stage in more detail.

The development of idea. Imagine that you are entrepreneur, which has business in the sphere of animation. What is the first essential thing for you? First of all, take into consideration own resources. All people are different. Some persons have poor imagination but great financial state and vice versa. Hence, if you are engaged in development of idea for your animated film, think about equipment for your cartoon and its budget. Without doubt, it will be hard for you to be occupied with development of plots, which require formation of complicated animated scenes, such as difficult technique, because of experience’s absence. You should also pay attention to the various equipment according to difficulty of cartoon. Plasticine cartoon with big pool of characters and decorations requires more equipment and materials in comparison with cartoon on celluloid film consisting of one episode.

Another important factor is the currency of the cartoon. Determine strict time study of cartoon. Do you want to create cartoon just for Internet? In this case, cartoon should be no more than 5 minutes. Otherwise, viewers will be not ready to watch it until the end. Does talent of creative person wish to think about animated film? They usually last 60-120 minutes as common films. It will be easy to create the plot for the future cartoon after the determination of currency.

Whom do I dedicate this cartoon? It is the next question during the development of idea. Despite children usually watch cartoons, there are many cartoons with hidden sense on the Internet and mainly adults and teenagers will realize their content. Hence, think about possible target audience of your cartoon. For instance, children will negatively interpret cartoon with dreadful death of main character while adults will manage to understand the essence of it.

We face with many interesting, difficult, funny, sad situations in our daily life. Why should not you use them? That is why, utilize your life experience as base for cartoon. Does your friend quarrel with you? Are there many comic situations in routine of your life? Tell readers about these situations. Cartoon will only be the winner.

Main character of cartoon is an example of imitation for many viewers, especially children. Hence, create attractive main character. Nevertheless, your character does not have to be ideal. Main character is practically the same person, as we are. He has to be strong personality, which is manifested in negative and positive features of behavior.

Preparation of plot and scene selection. Let us imagine that you have finished with idea for your cartoon. What should you do as the next stage? The next step is to write plot if cartoon has dialogs. If character of your cartoon has catchwords, you need actor in order for its voice recording station. In addition, one has to print screenplay for him. It is essential to notice that process of animation is impossible without strict screenplay. One may explain this because sounds and voice should match with image.

Briefly describe the plot of cartoon. Expound main consequence of events in order to follow up course of history on various stages. However, you may not note the scenario formally if there is no dialogs in the cartoon.

Divide the plot on the several main parts. This advice does not make sense for short cartoons because they can just consist of one episode. Nevertheless, it will be better to divide the plot for simplification of work if your cartoon has long currency.

Make sketches of every big change in motion. When you make sketches of formal scene selection, every significant change in motion has to be allocated on separate frame. Insignificant changes have to be described but they do not have to be drawn separately.

Process of animation. Become familiar with various kinds of animation. It is divided on such categories: animation with the usage of celluloid film, computer animation with the help of technologies 2D and 3D and so on. Animation with the usage of celluloid film is usual method of cartoons’ creation. You need to draw by hand every frame on the piece of celluloid film and make photos of them with the help of special camera. Animation with the technology 2D requires special program and final product will look as improved adaptationof cartoon on celluloid film. You have to find special instructions according to the right usage of these programs. Animation, which uses 3D technology, also requires special programs but graphics can vary from primitive and mosaic images to the images, which may seem real. To sum up, you should be familiar with mechanism of work in one case or special instructions in other case in order to do the process of animation as well as possible.

Tuning of voice effects. The era of silent films left in past. Hence, your cartoon must be audible. You need to have good sound device and method in order to prevent desired sound effects from occurrence of echo and noises on the background. Register own voice effects. Be original and explore easy and common ways to make sounds, which your cartoon needs. For instance, the sound of fire can be manifested with the help of rumpling the tight cellophane. If you cannot create these sounds by own, look for them in the Internet.

As you can see, formation of cartoon is painstaking but rather interesting action. Do not afraid to try your forces in this business. Nothing venture-nothing gain.

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