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How not to Become a Mom to Your Partner?

After some time after the marriage, we do not feel like we have to wear any masks in front of our partner. We do love him/her very much and care about him/her a lot. We are not charmed by his/her perfection anymore because we are aware of the fact that it is not true – we see his/her little character cons, and we find it hard to accept those. This is the moment when we start thinking we know better and have an authority to foster our partner – this is when we start behaving like mothers. Do you wish to find out how not to become a mom to your partner? Then keep on reading!
Do Not Criticize What He Wears

Yes, it is a widespread problem for the men – they are bad at choosing their clothing. And yes, it might annoy you that he looks like a teenager or a homeless person rather than your decent-looking husband. However, it is not a reason for you to eat his brain and even insult him. Try to be more patient and express all your resentment in the form of kind advice. If he does not accept it and does not understand the hints, be an actress! Make him a “surprise” and take him to the mall for shopping with an only condition that you choose the clothes for him, and you pay. We guarantee that he will not understand the hidden agenda, and your plan will work perfectly!


Do Not Ban Him from Spending Time with His Friends

How to be a better wife? Just do not make strict bans on anything, especially his friends! To spend some time with his mates drinking beer and playing video games is a sacred ritual for every man, and you have no authority to ruin it. Just give him some time to relax without you – men need it too. Of course, if he prefers his friends to you and spends more time with them than with you, it is a completely different conversation. However, if you become hysterical each time he cautiously asks if he is allowed to see his mates, it is a thing that you need to change, you can find a lot of examples how that can end if you click reference here. Just allow him to go and spend the time with your own friends or dedicate yourself to such sacred procedures for every woman as manicure and pedicure.

Stop Nagging Him

Nagging is a habit, and it is a very bad habit. You have chosen this man, which means you knew what you are going to be coping with. You need to understand that your partner is a grown-up person with the set priorities and values in life, and no matter how much you nag, you will not change him. The only effect you are going to get is that he is going to be annoyed with you. We advise you to talk seriously to your partner if there is a huge problem and disregard small things. You will see how helpful it is going to be – you will feel better yourself! Loving wives care about the nervous systems of their husbands and do not nag them without reason.


Allow Him to Take Decisions

A happy marriage is a marriage where the two halves of one whole take decisions 50/50. You have to be the members of one team and divide the responsibilities evenly. Sometimes, the wife becomes so bossy she takes all the decisions and does not allow her husband even to have an opinion. What he does is sigh and do whatever you find the most appropriate. Do you understand that it is not the way it should be? Allow him to take as much responsibility for what is going on in your lives as you do! Even if he takes a decision that you slightly disagree with, let it be. You will feel like you have a man who can take responsibility for something that influences both of you.

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