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Learn Indonesian Language Free With Less or Zero Structure!

Learn Indonesian language in a fun way and free! It is a sort of the way you learn English through communicative approach method, the one that I applied when I learned English as an autodidact. You need to focus on real situation and therefore you can create your own target as well.  I have just created a new blog about it and you can check it out here. It is free for you to get tutorial from me. And for intensive learning you can hire me as your tutor instead later on.

How well do you know about bahasa Indonesia besides the people of the country? Good news is we don't have complicated Tenses. What's written is pronounced mostly similar to spoken. When you learn English using traditional method, I would like to say that's not effective unless for correspondence or business letter. Learning Indonesia should be fun, therefore we skip formula here--it should be free from mathematical theory. Rather create a script on your own, narration or storyboard if you have a sense of art.

learn indonesian language freeBased on my experience as an English teacher I think learning Indonesia would be okay if you also include more drilling practices and pronounce as many as tongue twister you know. For example, in English you're familiar with Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled pepper ... In Indonesia you should try, kuku kaki kakek kakekku kok kaku kaku. For free Indonesian tongue twisters you might browse on the Internet.

By the way, have you ever visited Jakarta, Indonesia? Or perhaps Bali is more famous than Indonesia itself? If you have business to do here, I would like to say selamat datang - welcome. Or if you happen to be here now in the greater Jakarta (including its satellite cities: Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bogor) you can learn bahasa Indonesia with me. Free consultation through +628809861615. You grab your phone and we learn on the line. I bet with the right method of learning, you'll make progress soon.

Okay, now as a first step as what I always suggest my student in order to master English fast, you should keep this password in mind, "saya bisa berbahasa Indonesia dengan lancar suatu hari nanti." meaning I believe I can speak bahasa Indonesia well someday. Drill this sentense and just make sure of yourself that after all that you have done to learn Indonesian language free of structure, you really can speak it well.

Now, excume me, Mr. President Barack Obama would like to order sate, now. Berapa tusuk pak Presiden?

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Indonesian course? Learn Indonesian with Bahasa Corner!

First meet Wiro Sableng, a famous Indonesian swordsman who dares say cynically to anybody wanting to learn Indonesian language, "Apa? Ingin belajar bahasa Indonesia?" "Excuse me? You want to learn bahasa?... Over my dead body!"

Forget about that intermezzo.

Okay, even Wiro Sableng born somewhere fictitiously in Indonesia has to speak bahasa to communicate with other. The Indonesian name for the language is Bahasa Indonesia (literally "the language of Indonesia"). This term is sometimes found in English. Indonesian is sometimes called "Bahasa" by English speakers, though this literally just means "language".

As to why people on TV need to speak bahasa, that's because Indonesian, the national language of the country also has a great deal of regional languages including Javanese, Sundanese and Madurese and more which are commonly used at home and within the local community. Most formal education, as well as nearly all national media and other forms of communication, are conducted in Indonesian.

Through this forum I would like to invite you all--anybody who cares about bahasa Indonesia, to learn online on Bahasa-Corner.com or subscribe to it. I believe this site provides what you need to improve your language skill. Especially if you happen to work around Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia and thereabouts like Bekasi, Cibitung and Cikarang, my recommendation is a worth try.

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