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Funniest blog

The funniest blog is here, the one which has not successfully favored it's readers with its jokes. Only aliens regard it as a masterpiece.

What happens to the blog spoofing celebrities like Justin Bieber or Brad Pitt? It has been abandoned by its writer because he couldn't stand laughing at himself reading the funny contents of his blog. On the other hand, it is left by its readers as no quality contents available there.

funniest blogIs an article writing about awkward Cinderella a tickling one? Or the one saying Bruno Mars tickle nannies
meets the criterion as a funny blog? What a claim!

But that's funny: "hey, this is a tickling blog, page one is a joke about butterfly, page two is a about fancy island, page one hundred is you are being chased by a dog and the title is not supposed to be: Whether you feel tickled or no, it is a blog to tickle your funny bone!"

It is funny as zero comment it makes, it is an exceptional blog. It deserves such pride: the undoubtedly tickle your fancy blog! What do you think? The funniest one in the air!

But here? Where? Aliens haven't gone back from shopping, they haven't even subscribed to a TV channel in order to recognize Katy Perry or Robert Pattinson. What sounds amusing? According to any rule on the Internet, a funny blog must be a successful one, having a huge of traffic everyday and creates many subscribers.

Here? Where? The claim must be objective. The laughter must be sounded and continued, otherwise is only a piece of junk.

But, once upon a time a scavenger in Mars or thereabouts made a discovery: it's a laughter that he heard from a waste disposal.

He screamed, "A blog?!!!"

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