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Funny Blog of Celebrity?

To find a funny celebrity blog is easy on the Internet. More and more of it, maybe including this one, are available there with their typical spoof. But to find something to amuse you all the time you must think twice. Refrain from laughter.

Too much laughter will kill you. Is that reasonable? Why should celebrities tell their funny stories to you on a blog? No, they are not. Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, etc, such common names to be used as a part of joke and they are not sharing their silly or embarrassing experiences with public.

funny blog?Bloggers work on it, so funny celebrity stories can be found easily as they are scattered everywhere on the Internet.

So, referring to the title written above and regarding your search, you can stress out here between, first, a funny celebrity blog created by themselves which is not necessary include their personal life story, and another one, off course the one you really want to hear from a talented witty writer about unusually sensational things from celebrities.

Okay now, think about jokes related to celebrities which are considered funny and therefore a blog can be categories as amusing. If it is out of context and you just cannot find something laughable here, I would like to say, congratulation.

For what? For not laughing! Welcome to the exceptional tickling blog!

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Funniest blog

The funniest blog is here, the one which has not successfully favored it's readers with its jokes. Only aliens regard it as a masterpiece.

What happens to the blog spoofing celebrities like Justin Bieber or Brad Pitt? It has been abandoned by its writer because he couldn't stand laughing at himself reading the funny contents of his blog. On the other hand, it is left by its readers as no quality contents available there.

funniest blogIs an article writing about awkward Cinderella a tickling one? Or the one saying Bruno Mars tickle nannies
meets the criterion as a funny blog? What a claim!

But that's funny: "hey, this is a tickling blog, page one is a joke about butterfly, page two is a about fancy island, page one hundred is you are being chased by a dog and the title is not supposed to be: Whether you feel tickled or no, it is a blog to tickle your funny bone!"

It is funny as zero comment it makes, it is an exceptional blog. It deserves such pride: the undoubtedly tickle your fancy blog! What do you think? The funniest one in the air!

But here? Where? Aliens haven't gone back from shopping, they haven't even subscribed to a TV channel in order to recognize Katy Perry or Robert Pattinson. What sounds amusing? According to any rule on the Internet, a funny blog must be a successful one, having a huge of traffic everyday and creates many subscribers.

Here? Where? The claim must be objective. The laughter must be sounded and continued, otherwise is only a piece of junk.

But, once upon a time a scavenger in Mars or thereabouts made a discovery: it's a laughter that he heard from a waste disposal.

He screamed, "A blog?!!!"

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In remembrance of the King of Plop: a distinguished celebrity

Funny things needed to entertain you on the Net. Blogger wanted as well as unusual things to tickle your fancy: celebrity, public figures, ect. And not only that--you bet.

Anybody wanting to cope with stress will be welcomed here in Seldom Land to read all the accepted funny writing materials; especially those in the sulks and no way would they have themselves tickled by their routine. Blogs are excluded, but the writers who can parody celebrities are needed.

Once upon a time a blogger getting interested in this invitation paid a visit here and was given a chance to prove his skill to create a funny writing about celebrities. To his amusement, the spoof he had thought to be the funniest one failed to amuse Jichael Mackson, the founder of Seldom Land, well known also as the King of Plop, who urged any bloggers who had such talent to have themselves tickled here in order to cope with stress. Gossips of celebrity were exposed, but--silly!

However, Jichael started to laugh and laugh and laugh, not because of the content of the blog describing laughter as the best medicine--that's not funny at all! he only wanted to practice a great habit to anybody that laughter was indeed the best medicine. It can even cure broken-hearted celebrities, according to him.

Everybody knew that to prove laughter as the best medicine; Jichael had to have undergone a series of plastic surgery to change his irritated face into a friendly, not a funny one.The people in Seldom Land were advisable to tell jokes to Jichael's children who, on the other hand, were learning to create the best joke of the day to outdo the available jokes which might never appear on blogs nor read by celebrities.

Mr. Mackson with the whole family in Seldom Land was never tired to suggest everyone if they wanted to cope with stress, they had to be ready to be tickled by funny remarks and should have their own jokes to share with here. Be it about celebrities or anything ...

Ironically, the king of fun died last week of a stop-laughing failure leaving all funny memories that kept laughing all the time. Bloggers can't be blamed!

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