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Indonesia Voice Over Samples

These Indonesian voice over samples are for you to review. And while doing so, what would you like to drink, coffee, maybe? Sorry, I don't drink coffee. I just drink tea occasionally and much water, not that much, but just enough for my skinny body. Wait here, but sorry, I cannot just go to the kitchen right now and cannot email you this liquid due to my busy schedule.

But, wait, why can someone be skinny?  Even he eats much! To find the answer we need to go to the keyhole and find some mice there mocking at you. Just pretend to be Tom and they are Jerrys. Wow, this is going to be awesome! Anyway, you haven't started listening to the Indonesian voice over samples below, have you? Not yet, one thing for sure, because I'm offering you more than coffee and you get distracted. Coffee is somewhat not good for our body. Not somewhat? But totally? Extremely? You cannot make it as a sleeping pill, that's silly. And if you make it the one to depend on to stay awake you make big mistake. Maybe not too big--to some, off course.

Okay, back to the idea of how and why I write this post. You know one of the biggest countries in the world? You know how investment would be efficient with a huge population there in need of your product? And you know, how through my experience, are there getting more and more people starting investing in Indonesia? Having business here is highly recommended. Thus, you need promotion; if language is one of the problems, so you need voice over actor. And you may find the samples here.

I don't have to provide data about how much the exact population in this country. But have you known that our country has great people with hospitality and friendly. Everywhere you go, finding people smiling at you. There are some bad guys like in any other places all around the world, but the percentage is small and you are relatively save here. When there's a terrorism bomb, our skinny president will be the first to react than his political rivals, lol. Anyway,  I am just giving way to you to start thinking about expanding business, maybe through testimonial video? Here is one sample.

video testimonial indonesia
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Or SEO articles written in Indonesian? I can translate very well, but currently there are too many people doing this job and it takes much time for detail like choice of word and how to stay up in context. You call it labor? Not laboring job, isn't it? So, I just leave it all to the young to do the rest.

Well, get down to business, here is one sample of the voice over narrated in bahasa Indonesia

Here is another one

And this

Sorry, cannot provide you coffee today, but I can provide my time to lend my voice if you have any projects needed to be done. Thank you.

Have a great day!

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