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Wanted: Man Named Norman!

A man named Norman is urgently needed to take over this site. This site is worth having, what do you think? Imagine if you were given away this tickling or tickle your fancy blog, what would you do?

Okay Norman, first, change the letter u of my name here with o so that you'll have: Mr. Norman learns to tickle your fancy and then have me removed all links linking to unnecessary access. You still can have the images I created here, or if you are a sort of talented artist you can create your own to put to the new post of yours. Then keep updating the contents as its Alexa ranking is improving. It's a PR2 blog and you can increase the rank yourself.

Am I bored with this tickling blog? Not really, Norman, but I need to let go of my narcissistic image building as it is so obsessive and deteriorating. Really? Well, to tell you the truth, I need money, that's the point. So, Mr. New Norman to tickle your fancy, want some clues about this site, or wonder what can I offer you?

wanted man named norman
Are you Norman? Take this inheritance!
1, This is a humor blog, a dabble one created in bahasa Indonesia--my mother tongue--as Mr. Nurman bikin ketawa in 2009. The title Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy is inspired by Michael Learns to rock. I like using Mr. for my students preferably call me Mr. Nurman--I am an English teacher.

2. As anybody's making money on the Internet, I am doing it too. My biggest earning I got was from Blogdash.com, that was outreach program. Few others were from Blogvertise.com, Blogskinny.com for product review and Odesk.com. The latter is the best place for freelancer like me and perhaps you, Norman. Most of the reviews were written according to the niche and theme of this blog, that is to tickle your fancy.

3. Recently I welcome guest bloggers to post on my blog for I cannot really write serious things. They help me much to rank this blog, especially at Alexa and I help them too to provide links to their site, regardless of the negative thinking that this will lead to scam.

4. I know SEO and I have applied it too here, but maybe you have better strategies and me, get inspired.

So, Norman, would you consider being the owner of Mr. Norman learns to tickle your fancy? Is man2tickle.com a tickling and profitable domain to you? Want to bid or speak more confidentially with me? Contact me here or call +62 82189078211

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