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Tickling videos

Here is a list of tickling videos that you may find silly, ridiculous or weird. Mr. Nurman learns to tickle your fancy presents something more than just fun. When you get spontaneous ideas in mind and you would like to express them on the Net, just do it. This is what I say to myself, "you may get nothing but only satisfaction." That's just fine.

Candid, lively, tickling, all of the following videos starred by my kids, and supported by my wife and me. Although the titles or subtitles written in Bahasa Indonesia, the messages are really easy to understand, because picture talks, doesn't it? Don't believe it? Just ask Justin Bieber. Lol!

1. Young warrior VS Monster (Balita lucu, Pendekar Faiz VS Monster)

2. Learning how to sing (Balita lucu, Faiz belajar menyanyi)

3. Going to a qur'an recital learning (Faiz Alya pergi mengaji)

And more (wait for my updates)

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