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Adam Lambert should not support online gay campaign

Adam Lambert should convert to Islam and start to fight against homosexuality. Whoops, who says that? Is it a sort of souvenir of his recent concert in Malaysia?

How about, Adam Lambert should not support online gay campaign despite president Obama has added his voice to support this on account of bullying case. Who has the right to stop Adam from doing something he likes so? Who says that by tickling his funny bone, Adam Lambert is a gay? It is not funny if we say Adam Lambert might go camping together with Ricky Martin someday.

What sounds funny maybe if the whole gays online are eager to tickle a blogger's fancy.

Hope, it's not me!

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Justin Bieber dolls to tickle your fancy for the holidays?

Justin Bieber dolls are coming to a toy store near you this holiday season. "But you can't buy them, my kids, and I'm not suggesting you buy one."

The dolls, dressed in the singer's signature looks from those music videos, from a leather jacket and microphone to a green hoodie and guitar, seem offended. They try to find out who says the above statement.

But they can't move, they're only dolls. However, their curiosity grows strong that they turn themselves to humans and sneak around that warehouse and approach a shadow around the corner.

They are about to yell at this mother when they find her sitting calmly there, moaning about her life. Amazing, those dolls change their mind, make a deal with themselves and soon agree to turn themselves to mice and help this mice family to earn a piece of cheese.


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6 Crazy News Written By Stressful Blogger

Got some crazy news to cope with stress, Mr. Blogger?

Yes …

But Beware if you're not used to this weird humor, you get stressed, instead!

1. A tiring shadow was browsing on the internet and came across a funny blog. He started to laugh and … ” Would you stop that!” a voice abruptly took it back to where it belonged—the bloggers’ body!

2. A hanger jumped out of the wall to welcome a guess by the door. The stressful hanger had never been seen since and regarded as a missing thing. A lousy blogger took it with him and use it as--a hanger?

happy blogger?3. A spoof banner escaped from its cage and snatched a zoo visitor. The visitor was not torn apart and couldn't be eaten. He felt like being tickled to death!

4. Flash Gordon, together with Wonder Woman, went to the cinema on Friday night to see a horror movie. Unfortunately, the slide was stolen on the way to the movie theater. How come! The screen was displayed the features of stressful blogger with a hanger. It was totally not funny.

5. A turtle who’s eager to cope with stress invited Mr. Google Search Engine to his house. “Can I take some funny and tickling blogs with me?” Mr. G demanded. “Is your house is a search engine too?

6. A face whose nose is missing was laughing at itself. “Do you think it is funny?” asked another face. It didn't respond. He kept laughing. Next the face started to take off its eyes, lips and beard, and … “Stop it!” the faced returned to where it belonged, the crazily stressful blogger's!

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A Blast of Curiosity: Zodiac Spoof

Here is the zodiac spoof :

Twelve fathers were being interrogated due to a series of children abuse. How come, the interrogator surprisingly said, “so, Mr. Aries you have a tendency to dictate. Remember your kid is not a pupil anymore! And you Mr. Taurus, you think you’re patient? But you handle your children with a firm hand, that’s too much. Here is another one, Mr. Cancer. You adore your children but you also torture them spiritually.”

zodiac spoof
Nobody responded. He went on, “seems to me you like to seize me, Mr. Leo, but you are not generous to a fault as every body says. Do you like reading a spoof article about California Divorce, anyway? Here you are Mr. Gemini, the fickle one of the zodiac sign. You always want to be a friend to your children, but admit it you are often inconsistent. And you Mr. Virgo don’t even think of giving your children more tasks, who says you are openly affectionate.”

“Well, who’s next? Mr. Scorpio? Mr. No-nonsense? Want to be highly respected, huh? And you Mr. Libra, are you normally sweet tempered and gentle? Mr. Sagittarius, do you indeed …

All of a sudden, there’s a blast in there. The front door was awfully broken and the interrogator was kicked out. Those cornered people turned out to struggle! The interrogator, running away in panic, could not believe what he heard behind.

“Hey, how about my business prospect in the future?”
“Will I win the position?”
“Will my wife be back home tomorrow?”
“Answer me first, or I’ll kick your ass!”

Well, that's all about spoof zodiac, hope you enjoy reading it.

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Cinderella not to be tickled

Once upon a time, a blogger was invited to a party by a prince who was expecting a wife to-be. Since none of the present girls were appealed to him, he became frustrated.
On knowing this the blogger recommended a crazy idea to the prince, “Your honor, why don’t you advertise a soul mate for you in my blog?”
He didn’t respond. Puzzled and being in a bad mood, the prince left.

The blogger kept wondering; why the prince seemed not to be attracted to the beauties around. Whereas the angels had been already available and ready to choose.

It was getting late. The clock on the wall showed it was 11:45. The prince and the king, unbelievable, had already gone to bed. The blogger was the only man in the party now. It was like heaven, don’t you think?

To his excitement, while sitting in the verandah, he found this gorgeous one in the front yard, dressed elegantly, smiling at him. The most beautiful out of the rest, he might guess.
“Does Cinderella really exist?” he asked himself. Right away he ran after the girl leaving the rest with questions. The girl seemed to tease him and kept running. How come; he felt as if being tickled?

“Hey Cinderella, wait …,” he demanded.
Finally she stopped. He asked her to sit with him under the full moon in an open space. Several minutes passed, nobody talked.

Then the blog tried to open a conversation, “We’ve been long here but you seem not to be in a mood to say a word! What are you attracted to; the scientific, electronics, the arts and literature? Are you the one who doesn’t pay attention, yet notices everything? May I know the man of your dreams? Is he the one rich in talent, ideas and achievement?”

The girl only giggled.

“Hey, say something, I know you have grown up in the era of the ubiquitous @symbol. But aren’t you interested in blogging? Are you familiar with Google, the internet search engine? Or have you already had an adbrite account to monetize your website? What the hell am I talking about? Great, sometimes we forget just how far this revolutionary technology has taken us already, right?”

“Thanks,” said the girl.
“For what?”
“Taking me home.”

The blogger looked round, but found no home. He was there alone in the compound of a cemetery.

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