Tuesday, May 26, 2009

How to Find Your Ideal Partner: 3 Unique Steps

Girls, are you still single? Looking for an ideal partner? Find these 3 funny steps to make your wish come true. But Just make sure such a creature actually exists. For the hopelessly single, finding the ideal mate seems like a daunting, impossible task.

  1. An ideal partner should have a sense of humor! Find one when you are there in a Stand-up Comedy club. The one to easily tickle you to laughter that's the best.
  2. Make sure he is a non-defensive one. After tired of laughing you will find the fact the life is not only for fun. When he is in the bad mood, say, "that's fine, next time you'll find another topic to make the world laugh"
  3. The man has grown up and you wish comes true, right. He'll say he loves you so much for your faithfulness.

How about that? Still thinking: for the hopelessly single, finding the ideal mate seems like a daunting, impossible task? This doesn't sound like: How to Find Your Ideal Partner, but rather: how to let yourself down for hoping too much, right? Okay forget about it. I'll introduce you someone you might think he is attractive.

how to find your ideal partner
Look, here is his photo, handsome, right?
This one offers romance. He is creative, ingenious, original, resourceful, innovative, imaginative, inspired, artistic, and inventive. He broods a lot. He is steady, stable, firm, sturdy, secure, balanced and slow. He’ll want you to be ultra feminine.There is nothing half way about this man. He is something of a saint. He needs to find his security blanket, coverlet, cover, mantle, layer and bedspread. He is in love with love.

The man of your dream! He wants a few simple things out of life, like to be a comedian or a carpenter. He wears a mask. He is proud, sometimes arrogant, conceited, self-important, pompous, self-righteous and overconfident. He says, how to find your ideal partner? All the criteria is in me! You bet! He is commanding, strong, powerful, superior, imposing, and authoritative. But, how come, he is also shy, aloof, nervous and serious? He is a perfect gentleman!

Oh, one more thing, his favorite song is too much wish will kill you!

Thank you for visiting this tickle fancy blog, How to Find Your Ideal Partner: 3 Unique Steps is an updated post written 4 years ago. Stay tune for more jokes!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buluketek to be the President of Indonesia

While the presidential election is only several weeks to go, Buluketek wondered if he could join to compete with SBY, Megawati or Yusuf Kalla.

If the rest have been promoting some progressive programs, he didn’t think he should. If corruption to be crucial issue to empathize, he didn’t feel a need to get involved in any eradication programs later if he was elected. He just wanted to sit there on the most-wanted glorious chair.

Buluketek didn’t have a political party to support him, but he admitted to belonging to all parties and wished that they would have integrated into smaller group. He didn’t think it was a silly idea. Too much love will kill you, won’t it? What’s that supposed to mean? “It is when you love to be greedy!” he said.

Buluketek was eager to perform on TV, not as a politician, but as a host of any like-to-be-ridiculed realty shows. He’d like to invite all leaders of any fields of the nation to join here. Then they would yell at each other to be judged as the best humiliating contestant. Debate of presidency will be great conducted this way. Whew!

Buluketek’s wish to fight for presidency is not a threat for other presidents to-be, actually. There’s nothing to be afraid of. What is Buluketek? In fact, it is not he but it, to remain silent under the armpit.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Clark Kent didn’t come to his English class

Clark Kent didn’t come to his English class yesterday evening, and all the students in the class are wondering why.

Peter Parker thinks he might have gotten sick. Bruce Wayne thinks he might have had a doctor’s appointment. Mr. and Mrs. Clinton think that one of Clark Kent’s children may have been sick. Nicole Kidman thinks he may have had to work overtime. Mr. and Mrs. Bush think he might have gone to the airport to meet his relatives who are arriving from overseas. And Jet Lee thinks he may have decided to study in another school.

All the students are curious about why Clark Kent didn’t come to his English calls yesterday evening. … And they’re a little concerned.

Where’s Clark Kent actually?

He’s blogging!

See the whole story through video:

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Do you believe in fortune telling; the tickling one?

A blogger is visiting Madame Sonia, a famous fortune teller. He’s very concerned about his future and Madame Sonia is telling him what is going to happen next week. According to Madame Sonia, next week is going to be a very interesting moment in his life.

On Monday, a new viewer is going to share on his blog and get entertained
On Tuesday, another new viewer is going to be on his blog also but only give a wry smile
On Wednesday, more and more new viewers are going to join and join and join on his blog
On Thursday, a hundred of new viewers are going to have themselves tickled on his blog
On Friday, thousands of new viewers are going to watch video together and have fun on his blog
On Saturday, millions of new viewers are going to tell others that they are happy because they’ve found the solution of their stress on his blog.
On Sunday, the whole world is going to officially declare that this blog is made to tickle everybody’s fancy

According to Madame Sonia, a lot is certainly going to happen in the blogger’s life next week. And he has to believe all of this.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tickling indifference

Even though he couldn’t see well, he didn’t care about blind subjects in a recent Portugal study which seemed to experience as much visual stimulation as sighted subjects.

It never occurred to him also, the stage which says when two loves come together; their brains begin to “fall in love.”

That before November 2004, many people outside the US were prepared to accept film-maker Michael Moore’s view of the Bush presidency: that the White House had temporarily been stolen by a Texan numb skull, he couldn’t say anything.

What he cared about was his mother to breastfeed him!

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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cinderella not to be tickled

Once upon a time, a blogger was invited to a party by a prince who was expecting a wife to-be. Since none of the present girls were appealed to him, he became frustrated.
On knowing this the blogger recommended a crazy idea to the prince, “Your honor, why don’t you advertise a soul mate for you in my blog?”
He didn’t respond. Puzzled and being in a bad mood, the prince left.

The blogger kept wondering; why the prince seemed not to be attracted to the beauties around. Whereas the angels had been already available and ready to choose.

It was getting late. The clock on the wall showed it was 11:45. The prince and the king, unbelievable, had already gone to bed. The blogger was the only man in the party now. It was like heaven, don’t you think?

To his excitement, while sitting in the verandah, he found this gorgeous one in the front yard, dressed elegantly, smiling at him. The most beautiful out of the rest, he might guess.
“Does Cinderella really exist?” he asked himself. Right away he ran after the girl leaving the rest with questions. The girl seemed to tease him and kept running. How come; he felt as if being tickled?

“Hey Cinderella, wait …,” he demanded.
Finally she stopped. He asked her to sit with him under the full moon in an open space. Several minutes passed, nobody talked.

Then the blog tried to open a conversation, “We’ve been long here but you seem not to be in a mood to say a word! What are you attracted to; the scientific, electronics, the arts and literature? Are you the one who doesn’t pay attention, yet notices everything? May I know the man of your dreams? Is he the one rich in talent, ideas and achievement?”

The girl only giggled.

“Hey, say something, I know you have grown up in the era of the ubiquitous @symbol. But aren’t you interested in blogging? Are you familiar with Google, the internet search engine? Or have you already had an adbrite account to monetize your website? What the hell am I talking about? Great, sometimes we forget just how far this revolutionary technology has taken us already, right?”

“Thanks,” said the girl.
“For what?”
“Taking me home.”

The blogger looked round, but found no home. He was there alone in the compound of a cemetery.

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