Tuesday, June 30, 2009

He's gone after Michael Jackson buried

He never cared whether public recognized him or not. He was with Michael Jackson the whole of his life. He sang, danced and behaved the way the superstar did.

He knew all Jacko's secret, but he kept quiet if the press came for it--this never happened. He always had the knack of being secluded, yet Jacko never hid it from anybody when he was alive. Besides, who cared?

When he was a kid, he was not as black as that of Jacko's skin and neither would he have turned white after Jacko had plastic surgery. However, he admitted that Jacko was black.

He was always of a breast of Jacko's debut. But he was too timid to admit to being Jacko. Nobody could separate him from Jacko, as if they were twins. He would never answer if anybody ever asked about this.

We can't say, that one thing about this man, when Jacko set his mind to something, he would react. Did he learn early on about life and unscrupulous few? was he of the man who had endured much--loss of affection and confidence? Again, who cared?

He never tried to be as protective as possible as Jacko did, but only when Jacko wished. He was a short of fickle--only imitated all Jacko's gesture.

From nothing to nothing, just as human being existence; as soon as the corpse was buried, he's gone!

Anyway, Mr. Shadow, thanks so much for sharing a story of life with us.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Beloved lover

A lover was loved by any lovers all around the world. He loved them and they loved him. He was something of a romantic and every lover didn't think he was a flirt.

When he loved another lover, he did it at heart. He didn't care the other would feel the same thing too. He wasn't easily be in love, nor was he be out of love, but he was subject to love. He hardly said, "I love you," but love was always sparkled in the air and he loved it. More and more lovers kept loving him and asking for more love. He never hesitated to give them affection and share more love and happiness with them.

One day after having been visited by two new lovers who had just asked him an advice on love, he feel asleep on a lovingly spring bed. How come? He had a dream of lovers who kept coming to his house and asking an advice on love!

He told them hat he needed some rest; he was awfully tired! But those lovers insisted, forcing him to get away form this.

"We love you," running after him outdoor they yelled, "and we love you to give us more advice on love."
"Not now! I'm exhausted!"
"True lover never feel exhausted!"
"Not now, not now, please ...," the lover was awakened in panic. He was perspiring.
"Thanks God. it's only a dream. I might have killed myself if it had been true," he sighed.

But to his surprise, when he opened the front door a few minutes afterward, he was met by an uproar of crazy lovers standing in line out there crying out, " we love you and we love you to give us more advice on love!"

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Monday, June 15, 2009

An unusual family gathering

While Mr. Google Search Engine was sharing his problem with Mr. Bloggerdotcom, Ms. Alexadotcom was lying in the sun by the seashore. Beside her was Ms. Technoratidotcom was looking on. They're having a family gathering which was sponsored by Mr. Nurman who's learning to tickle every body's fancy. The sky was very very clear.

"I wonder", said Mr. Search Engine. "Why people keep coming to visit me and asking for silly reference as to how to making money within a few seconds."

"Really?" Is that what you think?" replied Mr. Bloggerdotcom. "But you know, how many people have submitted to me and asked my service to dress them up? It's great, so colorful and creative. And I really like to help for free."
"We are the most honorable gentlemen on the net, right?" concluded Mr. Search Engine.

"Who said that?" Ms. Alexadotcom disagreed. "How about me and her." Ms. Technorati who was pointed at, raised her eyebrow. "Without me, all bloggers around the globe will never know their ranks' improvement. "And without me," added Ms. tehcnorati, they will never go anywhere. "So gentlemen, please welcome ... the most favorable ladies on the net," declared Ms. tehcnoraty imitating a TV host

"Objection!" there was hoarse voice breaking in belonging to Mr. Gmaildotcom who had already finished swimming. Behind him were Mr. Yahoodotcom, and Mr. Hotmaldotcom who seemed to be in a bad mood.

It's going to be a great moment to have pictures of them. They're going to argue with one another!" exclaimed Mr. Shareapicnet who happened to be on the spot to Mr. cafefressdotcom who was wearing his newest up-to-date glossy T-short.
"Yeah, especially if they'd like to wear my product," said Mr. cafefressdotcom

To nobody awareness, from a distance, a shadow was keeping an eye on them. He turned out to have a notebook with him and began to type. "What are you going to review Mr. payperpostdotcom?" he said to himself.

Since he hadn't got any idea yet, lazily he typed a first sentence: Have you successfully tickle every body's fancy Mr. Nurman?

Monday, June 8, 2009

Anyone knows where they are?

Chubby Michael Blogging Jackson, age 7, is reported missing from his home on Narrow Street. Mike who is six feet ninety nine inches weighs 275 pounds and has very long curly hair. He has pale complexion and blue eyes. When last seen he was wearing a tickling red and blue web costume and laughing at himself on the street. (He might have read a tickling writing entitled Seldom Land and the King of Plop somewhere around this blog)

Don't catch me if you can. I'm not being hunted!

Britney Funny Spears, age 81 failed to return to her How-to-cope-with-stress residence on Friday night. Ms. Spears, who is two feet two inches tall, weighs 5 pounds and has long green hair. She was veiled over and was having words with the one singing her favorite song: I'm not a girl not yet a woman when last seen.

Relatives of Dr. Jacky Chan report that he disappeared from his Noisy Street apartment on May 1 and has not been seen since. Dr. Chan is recovering from an insomnia and it is feared he may be thinking himself as Popeye the sailor. Dr. Chan is 21 and about eight feet tall. He weighs 399 pounds and has curly gray hair. At the time of his disappearance he was wearing a sarong and running after a clever mouse named Jerry.

Aladdin, the author of a tickling blog, disappeared after swallowed by funny Ginnie last Friday. Amazingly, he felt tickled inside and now is blogging!

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