Friday, July 31, 2009

Funny blog Versus Tickling blog?

“I don’t think your blog is funny,” said blogger A to blogger B jealously.
“Oh yeah? Look at yours. Is it a tickling blog?’ replied blogger B. “It’s ridiculous and dull.”
“I can’t believe it,” blogger A went on, “Funny writings you say about your blog? It’s only for corpse to cope with stress. Ha-ha-ha.”
“Wait, don’t you think your tickling writings are only able to tickle shadows?”
“Hey, what’s wrong with your eyes? My tickling blog, my tickling writings, all that I write to cope with stress, are grammatically right! Are you something of beginner of English as foreign language or what?”
“Really? What do people look for in the funny blog? Funny writings! They need entertainment, not rules of writings! I suggest that you should visit my funny blog and learn of my funny writings very carefully. Yes, you’d better learn from me how to write funny blog easily.”
“Ha-ha-ha. What a tickling idea, yet your blog is far from that. I’ll help you to cope with stress. Read my tickling writings more and more!”
“Oh yeah, eat this!”

Blogger B started to attack Blogger A. Blogger A, however, tried to defend himself. They fought and fought and fought fiercely.

Blogger B took a gun out of his jacket and ….


How come? Blogger A laughed as if being tickled to feel the bullet bounce back of his body. He took off his shirt just to show his competitor a symbol S which was well known around the globe.

By the way, where're their blogs? To their surprise, the funny blog and the tickling bog they're talking about turned out to fall in love each other and now they walked arm and arm in the park nearby.

“Nuts!” said Mr. Google Search Engine who’s passing by.

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Blast of Curiosity: Zodiac Spoof

Here is the zodiac spoof :

Twelve fathers were being interrogated due to a series of children abuse. How come, the interrogator surprisingly said, “so, Mr. Aries you have a tendency to dictate. Remember your kid is not a pupil anymore! And you Mr. Taurus, you think you’re patient? But you handle your children with a firm hand, that’s too much. Here is another one, Mr. Cancer. You adore your children but you also torture them spiritually.”

zodiac spoof
Nobody responded. He went on, “seems to me you like to seize me, Mr. Leo, but you are not generous to a fault as every body says. Do you like reading a spoof article about California Divorce, anyway? Here you are Mr. Gemini, the fickle one of the zodiac sign. You always want to be a friend to your children, but admit it you are often inconsistent. And you Mr. Virgo don’t even think of giving your children more tasks, who says you are openly affectionate.”

“Well, who’s next? Mr. Scorpio? Mr. No-nonsense? Want to be highly respected, huh? And you Mr. Libra, are you normally sweet tempered and gentle? Mr. Sagittarius, do you indeed …

All of a sudden, there’s a blast in there. The front door was awfully broken and the interrogator was kicked out. Those cornered people turned out to struggle! The interrogator, running away in panic, could not believe what he heard behind.

“Hey, how about my business prospect in the future?”
“Will I win the position?”
“Will my wife be back home tomorrow?”
“Answer me first, or I’ll kick your ass!”

Well, that's all about spoof zodiac, hope you enjoy reading it.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Seldom Land and the King of Plop

Funny writings needed. Yes, all about any unusual things to tickle your fancy. You name it: Cinderrela holiday fortunetelling friendshipObama and OsamabloggerSupermanmelon seller

And anybody wanting to cope with stress is be welcomed here in Seldom Land to read all the accepted funny writing materials; especially those in the sulks and no way would they have themselves tickled by their routine.

michael jackson spoof
How about tickling my mustache? Can you do it, blogger?
Once upon a time a blogger who’d been working on a funny blog, getting interested in the project, paid a visit here and was given a chance to demonstrate his skill. To his amusement, the funny blog he had thought to be the funniest one failed to amuse Jichael Mackson, the founder of Seldom Land, well known also as the King of Plop, who urged any bloggers who had spoof blogs to have themselves tickled here in order to cope with stress.

However, Jichael started to laugh and laugh and laugh, not because of the content of the blog describing laughter as the best medicine; he only wanted to practice a great habit to anybody that laughter was indeed the best medicine. Everybody knew that to prove laughter as the best medicine; Jichael had to have undergone a series of plastic surgery to change his irritated face into a friendly one.

The people in Seldom Land were advisable to tell jokes to Jichael’s children who, on the other hand, were learning to create the best joke of the day to outdo the available jokes.

Mr. Mackson, the King of Plop, with the whole family in Seldom Land was never tired to suggest everyday if they wanted to cope with stress, they had to be ready to be tickled by funny remarks and should have their own jokes to share with here. Ironically, the king of fun died last week of a stop-laughing failure leaving all funny memories that kept laughing all the time.

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