Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ricky Martin to be blamed for volcano eruption?

Europe has to sing a sad song due to its volcano's eruption. All flights have to delay their schedule unless they risk their own safety. Only a fool who would resort to doing such a stupid thing.
An idle pilot went to a seer to find out what's really going on with nature recently. First the seer listened very carefully to the pilot. Then he started to giggle.
"What seems so funny?" asked the pilot.
"Nothing. It's just part of different side of life," said the seer.
"I don't get it!"
"Tickle yourself, buddy."
"What do you mean?"
"Several months ago, Ricky Martin, along with his charming guru climbed up the mountain for meditation. You know, Ricky was eager to find an answer whether he was a gay or no. But, it's very cold up there and Ricky was so irresistible and so was the guru. Soon when they got closer, the volcano started to shake and ...
"Wait, wait a sec ... What are you exactly?" interrupted the pilot.
"You don't know me? I'm a blogger!"

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ricky Martin to fight against homosexuality

Mr. Martin knew the risk. He'd better die than surrender to a group of gays named tickling dude whose members crazy about him.
Mr. Martin realized his heartthrob image could put him into difficult situations, somehow, starting.from flirt papparazy to heterosexual butchers. He had long been thinking about an effective way of abuse prevention. Once a guru advised him to go on a meditation on Mt. Semeru, Java. The spiritual master believed by doing so, Mr. La vida loka would gain a uniquely spritiual experience and this would also kept him away from evil.
The guru, known as no-tickling alien, intensively persuaded him to do so. However, doubtful Ricky thought it was not a good idea. Then he lost contact with this well-built charming man.
Ricky kept tryng to attack the abuse done by the passioanate tickling dude through his dream.
Night and day, he prayed to God for protection of being tickled by homosexuality.
Once he was fed up with his routine and decided to contact the guru.
"So, you changed your mind, huh?" asked no-tickling alien.
'All right, so what should I prepare?"
"I'll tell you what later."
The day when they were off for a holy mission, the guru turned out to have just been through one of Kamasutra chapters the night before.
It was not reported whetherMr. Martin was serious to combat his own desire or no.

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